Continuous Fence Panel Maintenance: 5 Easy Steps to Paint or Refresh Your Corral Fencing

Whether you have old continuous fence panels that need an update, or have just bought new fence panels, it may be time to paint. Not only does this create the look you want, but it also will extend the life of your fence panels and prevent rust.

Here are the steps you’ll take to end up with a great looking fence that will last for years to come.

Remove the rust

If you have an existing fence you’re trying to spruce up, your first step will be to remove any rust and corrosion that’s built up on it. To do so, take a wire brush to any area where damage is apparent. Depending on the size and amount of rust present on your fence, this could be a long process. But, skipping this step results in paint chipping quickly, and rust spreading.

Seal your fence panels

To provide additional protection from corrosion, apply a sealant to your fence before moving on the paint. There are a number of products available for sealing steel materials, but you can also make your own. A mixture of turpentine and linseed oil can be applied and left overnight to create a trustworthy protectant.

Prime your fence panels

Whatever sealant you choose is good for preventing corrosion, but it doesn’t help the paint to bond with the steel of the fence panel. For that, apply an exterior primer. In addition to helping paint apply evenly to your fence, it will also help prevent chipping and cracking so you won’t be back painting your fence next year.

Paint your fence panels

With the other layers applied and dried, it’s time to start painting. Assuming you’re using your continuous fence panels outside, you’ll want to choose either an enamel paint, or an oil-based paint. It’s worth the money to invest in a paint with rust and corrosion prevention too.

Seal your fence panels again

The final step to painting your fence panels is to seal with a clear coat. Before doing so, you may want to brush on some linseed oil. This will also help protect the metal surface of your fence, and will save you from using so much polyurethane clear coat. That step is optional, but you should always end by applying a clear coat finish to protect both your paint job, and the steel itself. The clear coat will also make the fence panels easier to clean.

Now, you’ve got a great looking fence that you can trust.

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